orange bulletVanuatu Freight Services : Forms

Listed below are some of the most commonly used forms and guidelines associated with Vanuatu freight handling and logistics. Simply click on the form name to transfer the document to the downloads folder of your own PC. Files are in the .pdf format so print a copy, fill it out and send it to us.

bullet wideAustralian Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement

bullet wideContainers Declaration

bullet wideDangerous Goods

bullet wideDHL New Account Application

bullet wideDHL Pickup Request Form

bullet wideEffects Insurance

bullet wideEngine Purge

bullet wideExport Packing Instruction For Depot

bullet wideFAQ Exports From Port Vila

bullet wideFAQ Personal Effects EXPORT Procedures

bullet wideFAQ Personal Effects Procedures

bullet wideFR8 Blank Shippers Letter Of Instruction

bullet wideFR8 Container Packing Declaration For Australian Quarantine

bullet wideFR8 Personal_Effects Guidelines

bullet wideFR8 New Zealand Summary Advice

bullet wideFR8 Tropical Greetings

bullet wideHousehold Effects Application For Removal Insurance

bullet wideHousehold Effects Descriptive Inventory

bullet wideInstructions To Destination Agent

bullet wideLetter Of Acceptance

bullet wideLetter Of Indeminity

bullet wideNew Zealand Personal Effects Form

bullet wideNew Zealand Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration

bullet widePersonal Effects Measurement Sheet

bullet wideShipment Descriptive Inventory

bullet wideShipment Inventory

bullet wideTrading Terms

bullet wideX20 Exemption

bullet wideHave a question concerning any of these forms? EMail Us