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Chris Kernot : Owner

Tel: +678 5547 744 spacerEMail: spacerSkype: kernotchristopher

Chris is the most experienced person in Vanuatu in the area of freight handling, both local and international. His background includes:

  • The first years in Shipping at Shipping Corp of NZ, looking after the PNG and Cook Islands Trades
  • Setting up the first Transtasman Shipping Line (Tranztas) to break the Union driven stronghold and monopoly run by Union Shipping
  • Setting up an airfreight Bond store in Sydney
  • Revamping the Container Fleet for PDL, as well as designing their entire software that runs all aspects of shipping line requirement, from Bookings to documentation and accounts and container control functions  (Interport)
  • More recently, he has working on Wallis and Futuna, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu in working with the Transam agencies, culminating with setting up Transam here in Vanuatu.
  • Chris was awarded the DHL Network agency through the clear advantage that DHL saw in working with FR8 Logistics which gave DHL the possibility of having excellent professional representation in Vanuatu
  • He has built a very professional team with extensive experience in exporting and importing by both sea and air. Chris and the team have a unique and deep understanding of inter-island freight distribution and ability to link international shipments with any destination within Vanuatu.

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Leitawa Mereoni Chilia: General Manager

Tel: +678 27744 spacerEMail: management@fr8.vuspacerSkype: tawa.chilia

Tawa grew up in Mele village on the ouskirts of Port Vila. She is the mother of four children. Tawa is a perseverant, honest and hard worker. She started working at DHL FR8 Logistics as an imports officer.

After recognizing her skills and talents she quickly became a supervisor... then manager... and now, 6 years later, she has just offered to take over the role of General Manager! ?She will always help you for all your inquiries.


Anuj Bhawan Kumar: Chief Financial Officer

Tel: +678 27744 spacerEMail: cfo@fr8.vuspacerSkype: bhawan.anu


Nechelle Lobrigo: GM Personal Assistance

Tel: +678 554 7702 spacerEMail: management@fr8.vuspacerSkype: nechellelobrigo


Theresa Loughman: Manager DHL Express

Tel: +678 27744 spacerEMail: dhl@fr8.vuspacerSkype: Mademoiselle.Lili


 Mademoiselle Lili: Sales, Marketing and Projects Manager

Tel: +678 27744 spacerEMail: management@fr8.vuspacerSkype: Mademoiselle.Lili

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