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Chris Kernot : Company Director

Tel: +678 5547 744 spacerEMail: spacerSkype: kernotchristopher

Chris is the most experienced person in Vanuatu in the area of freight handling, both local and international. His background includes:

  • The first years in Shipping at Shipping Corp of NZ, looking after the PNG and Cook Islands Trades
  • Setting up the first Transtasman Shipping Line (Tranztas) to break the Union driven stronghold and monopoly run by Union Shipping
  • Setting up an airfreight Bond store in Sydney
  • Revamping the Container Fleet for PDL, as well as designing their entire software that runs all aspects of shipping line requirement, from Bookings to documentation and accounts and container control functions  (Interport)
  • More recently, he has working on Wallis and Futuna, Tonga, Samoa, Tuvalu in working with the Transam agencies, culminating with setting up Transam here in Vanuatu.
  • Chris was awarded the DHL Network agency through the clear advantage that DHL saw in working with FR8 Logistics which gave DHL the possibility of having excellent professional representation in Vanuatu
  • He has built a very professional team with extensive experience in exporting and importing by both sea and air. Chris and the team have a unique and deep understanding of inter-island freight distribution and ability to link international shipments with any destination within Vanuatu.

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 Fr8 tawa1 200

Leitawa Mereoni Chilia: General Manager

Tel: +678 27744 spacerEMail: management@fr8.vuspacerSkype: tawa.chilia

Tawa grew up in Mele village on the ouskirts of Port Vila. She is the mother of four children. Tawa is a perseverant, honest and hard worker. She started working at DHL FR8 Logistics as an imports officer.

After recognizing her skills and talents she quickly became a supervisor... then manager... and now, 6 years later, she has just offered to take over the role of General Manager! She will always help you for all

your inquiries. Tawa is a certified international specialist trained with handling both DHL Express, Air and Sea logistics matters and also provides her best day every day performance. She is a great team player and

passionate about her work. When is comes to handling clients she gives it her best and ensure we deliver the best service possible and also guides our team to the journey of sucess.

Tawa is a great example for women empowerment and leadership sucessor as she always remains postive and always ensures she is develping all necessery skills and knowledge to stay in competion with the modern world.


Anuj Bhawan Kumar: Chief Financial Officer

Tel: +678 5565265 spacerEMail: cfo@fr8.vuspacerSkype: bhawan.anuj

Anuj is an expat and has been very helpful in terms of operational excellence, service quality and performance dialogs, accounting/audit and finance success journey of FR8 Logistics Limited. Anuj has been working for

DHL Express Fiji Limited for past five year as he joined FR8 in 2018. With his great understanding and performance on all aspects of DHL Express, accountability and software advancements, he has been a true asset to FR8 DHL Logistics.

Anuj has been a great leader and inspiration to the whole team. Being highly trained with expat skills level he has far more greater contribtuion in accounting/financne, operations/service quality,

IT and programming deployement sucess along with handling his key role as a CFO at current.  Anuj has got the right level of skill set and mindset to ensure any task he takes he drives responisibility and perfection to it.

Anuj has developed storng bonds with internat and external cusotmers, staffs, and other stakeholders based overseas and locally. He has vast level of operations, accounting and auditing experience and has blended well with the team

to ensure team success! He is very competitve and passionate about himself and ensure he keeps up with whatever it takes to make the A list be it in any field.


Nechelle Lobrigo:  Personal Assistance to Director

Tel: +678 554 7702 spacerEMail: management@fr8.vuspacerSkype: nechellelobrigo

Nechelle has been a vital team memeber helping the general admin and working closely with accounts, operations, sales and provides help and support the best way possible.

Being from accounting back ground, Nechelle had been quite instrumental in handling queries across board and other stake holders overseas to ensure we deliver the best service to and from Vanuatu. 

She is very dedicated and always ready to assist any team memeber requiring assistance and support in any related feild. She has been a key member in ensuring day to day operations run smoothly each day.

With a high level of accuracy and understanding of process Necehelle just makes work run really smooth across all departments. She is a great ad hoc support to the entire team and enjoys being part of us.


Theresa Loughman: Manager DHL Express

Tel: +678 7113468spacerEMail: dhl@fr8.vuspacerSkype: saza.lghmn

Theresa has been leading DHL team for over 7 years and she still delivers the best she can each working day. Being a mother of two she manages her time and work in a effective mannger without comprimising.

She is the most humble and paitence team leader. She has been a certified international specialist by DHL Express and works on the key values of speed, passion, can do attitude and right first time qualities.

With the introduction of new programs, Theresa has been working closely with her team to ensure we deliver great service quality and impeccable results to remain a great contibutor to the sucess on the big yellow machine.





Willie Bruno Lengkon: Manager Transport and Warehouse

Tel: +678 5553044spacerEMail:  Skype: willie.leingkone

Willie has been a true asset to FR8 team. With his expert skill and dedication to work has enabled alot of sucess stories. He has grown up with his roles being a bond officer to a driver driving his path up towards managerial role.

Willie is always a team players and is always ready to help any one he can with his capabilities, skills and knowledge. No is never a answer you will here from this great gentelman as he always finds a solution!

He has been looking after transport and warehouse management, being very responsive and responsible towards his work, his team and peer.

Willie is a great leader and always ensures he is producing maximum output possible and covers up when needed for his team members to the ground level to ensure he has it right from the grass root level.


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