orange bulletRemovals From Vanuatu

Your decision has been made to leave Vanuatu, and so now you need to consider a number of things for your relocation, including your Vanuatu removalists.

Fr8 Logistics are experienced in all facets associated with relocating your personal effects out of Vanuatu, irrespective of where in the world you may be heading now! As with personal effects inbound, there are some important things to bear in mind when considering your removal from Vanuatu.

blue bulletPreparing For Departure

What you take really depends on your contractual or personal arrangements. In most cases, when it comes to furniture or electrical items it may actually be more economical to sell them prior to your departure and then repurchase wherever your future residence may be. You will often get a good return on their value due to the cost of similar new items in Vanuatu. Of course if contractual arrangements allow for it then you may want to take everything with you.

When arranging your removal there are a number of things to bear in mind, and many of them easy to overlook. To help co-ordinate the process, we have created several checklist pages that include a list of likely tasks that will need your attention in the count-down to departure. Just follow the links below and print out the sheets to be ready for when you need them.

blue bulletAre There Pets

The cost of sending pets home will have to be investigated. You may want to consider the viability of sending them home as the costs sometimes associated with this can make it almost prohibitive. Stringent quarantine laws in the country of your future residence mean that your pet could be away from you for a long period at a very high cost for board and food while in a quarantine facility.

Although the cost and logistics of bringing them to Vanuatu may have made it possible, you should check the Quarantine service of your future country of residence about the requirements there for when you return.

blue bulletGetting The Job Done With FR8

Once the decision has been made about what you will be sending, you need to contact us for an assessment and quotation. We can offer a complete service of packing, removal, freighting and clearance and delivery at the point of entry to the country of your future residence.

We have a professional, well trained team that can pack your goods into quality packing materials that are imported from Australia or New Zealand. Make sure our assessor understands the full scope of the job including the exact destination that your goods will be shipped to, your departure from your house and Vanuatu and the timing of the shipment’s arrival.

You will need to identify any large items that will need special packing, artwork, crystal glassware and any artefacts.

blue bulletThe Documentation

The following documents are essential and will need to be supplied to the Customs Clearance Company at destination to effectively clear your shipment:

  • Original Bill of Lading.
  • Completed inventory of all cartons and items in the shipment, listing clearly the contents of all cartons. Include a total value.
  • Copies of all family members’ Passports.
  • Customs Declaration form for country of future residence.

We will liaise closely with the removal company at destination regarding the timing of your shipment, the vessel details, the estimated time of arrival there and especially ensure that all documents are supplied to them prior to the arrival of the vessel.

We hope that the above information is helpful to you and makes your eventual move from Vanuatu all the more comfortable. 

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