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Packaging your personal effects and/or cargo, transport, warehousing, container loading.. these are all core components of the services that FR8 Logistics can offer. This part of the business has developed to a point where we are now the preferred packer for most of the relocations undertaken by the Diplomatic Corps and Financial institutions in Port Vila.

Packaging is an important part of shipping. Getting the right package for the job can be critical. Whether you require pallets or cartons, bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard, stretch wrap and labels, or packaging tape and even tape dispensers, we have a great range of products to choose from at competitive rates.

When it comes to international sea freight, the sole purpose of packaging is to ensure that the goods or products are totally protected in transit. Of paramount concern to most people is that no matter where and how their products are shipped, that they arrive at their destination in working condition without need of repair or adjustment.

In short, this means that you want the quality, integrity and performance of your goods or products to be in the same condition on arrival at their destination as they were immediately before they were shipped. Correctly designed packaging offers total protection for the goods or products.

Never under-estimate the value of proper and adequate packaging.

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