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Vanuatu Shipping And Flight Schedules

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Schedule Notices & Alerts
Ex Auckland : We still have some space in our consolidated container and still have time to arrange for you
New Zealand To Fiji To Vanuatu To Auckland
Vessel Voyage Auckland Fiji Port Vila Santo Suva Auckland   
Capitaine Dampier 173 31/10 9/11 12/11 14/11 15/7 12/12   
Capitaine Tasman 41 21/11 30/11 3/12 5/12 11/12  2/1  
Capitaine Dampier 176 12/12 21/12 24/12 26/12 1/1  24/1  
Note: Cut-off date for Receival of LCL in Auckland is 5 days prior to Vessel Arrival
Australia / Noumea To Vanuatu To Fiji
Vessel Voyage Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Noumea Port Vila Santo Suva
Southern Moana  27 21/10 24/10 27/10 31/10 3/11 14/11 7/11
Kokopo Chief 28 3/11 7/11 10/11 16/11 18/11 5/12 23/11
Southern Moana 29 9/12 13/12 16/12 22/12 24/12 5/1 29/12
Note: Cut-off date for receival of LCL for Australian ports is 5 days prior to Vessel Arrival
China To And From Vanuatu
Next Sailing EX Shanghai cut off 24th October Departure on 28th, ETA Port Vila 27th November

Any request for LCL or FCL from ALL ASIAN PORTS to Vanuatu please contact Nicole,

our agent based in Shenzhen on nicole@fr8.vu

Note: Click on the following link to get the weekly "ONE" schedule: Click to see schedules

bullet wideFlight Schedules

We do have a Cargo flight EVERY TUESDAY TO and FROM FIJI WHERE IT CAN DELIVER TO THE WORLD (Cut-off every FRIDAY 12pm)
Please come to visit for more information or email 

 Mademoiselle Lili on sales@fr8.vu

bullet wideEMail us for current weekly flight details plus any questions concerning current shipping schedules